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Sven Longshanks: Audio Insurgency 92 – AAI 022020

Use of music does not imply endorsement by the musicians of our views, or us of theirs.

It's time for epic atmospheric black metal and brutal synthwave bass lines, as Sven Longshanks hosts the weekly roundup of Pro-White and passive-White tuneage for Radio Albion.

Blut Adler begins with pulsating bass and light arpeggios building up to an eighties arcade sounds crescendo and more jaunty retro synths, courtesy of Synthwave Redneck with a nod to his earlier tunes Redneck V2 and Star Ride.

HeartBeatHero goes martial industrial with his intro before picking up the pace with a victorious disco smasher that really should go on for longer. 

Spiritual Rebirth stay with the voice samples and brass for a sword and sorcery soundtrack feel, while Iron Court brings the pipe banging techno to warm us up for the blisteringly brutal bass lines of GosT.

Forseti stay bass-centric with a much warmer sound and plenty of elevation and deceleration on the journey.

Colotyphus start the metal section in style, with a melancholy string chorus over machine gun speed black metal and flange effect screaming guitar solos.

Norden enter with a pixie dance melody that soon takes off into viking metal chants and hypnotic doom laden riffs.

The Tremelo arms go into overdrive on Immorgon’s lead guitar work for their melodic black metal offering, before the keyboards come in once again alongside innovative use of the different tones of a cymbal for the NSBM of Norrhem.

Hiraeth finishes the selection with her unique style of strumming and harmonising, on a track from her just released new album.

Blut Adler, Synthwave Redneck, Hiraeth, Iron Court & HeartBeatHero are at Soundcloud
Immorgon & Norrhem are at Youtube

00:45 Blut Adler - Event Horizon - NEW
05:43 Synthwave Redneck - Race Time - NEW
10:52 HeartBeatHero - Neon Angel - NEW
16:15 Spiritual Rebirth -  Sword of Justice
20:47 Iron Court Remix – QPDB - Aletheia - NEW
25:38 GosT - 4th
30:02 Forsetî - Falling Ashes
36:56 Colotyphus - Ruthless Time
47:23 Norden - To Twój Bóg
56:28 Immorgon - Pale Beams of Light - NEW
03:50 Norrhem - Yön Sylessä on Polkumme - NEW
09:58 Hiraeth – Our Greatest Hero - NEW

Presented by Sven Longshanks

Sven Longshanks: Audio Insurgency 92 – AAI 022020


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Artwork by Blut Adler

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